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The Dental Clinical Companion

Dental Clinical Companion

The Dental Clinical Companion: Bringing together the world’s leading clinicians and experts to optimize your treatment, educate, and inspire and energize your professional goals.

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024 Dr. Mike Unthank, Customized Design of Superior Dental Office EnvironmentsFebruary 18, 2020 Episode artwork 021 Jason Parker, RICP®, Sound Retirement Planning for Dental ProfessionalsFebruary 10, 2020 Episode artwork 029 Dr. Marty Jablow: America's Dental Technology CoachFebruary 08, 2020 Episode artwork 028 Dr. Wassim Bouzid discusses his journey to being a global orthodontic educator, dentofacial orthopedics, digital smile design, his favored wires and brackets, aligners and best professional advice. February 07, 2020 Episode artwork 019 Dr. Paul Cruci and Dr. Allen Gaon, Part 2 of 2, Practical Endodontic Advice and Encouragement for New Graduates and Seasoned Clinicians AlikeFebruary 03, 2020 Episode artwork 018 Dr. Paul Cruci and Dr. Allen Gaon, Part 1 of 2, Practical Endodontic Advice and Encouragement for New Graduates and Seasoned Clinicians Alike January 27, 2020 Episode artwork 020 Dr. Jennibeth Robles-Velez, Dr. Shawn Velez, Save It or Replace It?January 20, 2020 Episode artwork 017 Shawn Potter, A Passion for the Dental Industry, Henry Schein Ortho TechnologyJanuary 13, 2020 Episode artwork 028 Dr. Brett Gilbert Part 2 of 2: Modern Endodontic Techniques, Tooth Restorability, Turning Errors Into ExpertiseJanuary 12, 2020 Episode artwork 027 Brett Gilbert Part 1 of 2: Giving Clinicians Confidence,, Coaching, Collaboration, CommunityJanuary 12, 2020 Episode artwork 016 Dr. Rico Short: Endodontist to the Stars, Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Man of FaithJanuary 10, 2020 Episode artwork 015 Dr. Brad Dana, Molars to Mountains: Running a Successful Second Business Plus FT Dental PracticeJanuary 05, 2020 Episode artwork 014 Kevin Henry, Battling and Beating the Demons of Dental AssistingJanuary 02, 2020 Episode artwork 013 Karen Natzel, Is it Time For a Dental Business Coach?December 30, 2019 Episode artwork 012 Dr. Rod Tataryn, Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic OriginDecember 23, 2019 Episode artwork 011 Dr. John Flucke, Dentistry's "Technology Evangelist"December 20, 2019 Episode artwork 010 Dr. Paula Elmi, Avoiding Burn Out, Using Emotional Intelligence, Work-Life BalanceDecember 16, 2019 Episode artwork 009 Dr. Michael Sanders, Part 3 of 3, discusses implant success versus survival, grafting materials and criterion for tooth restorability. December 12, 2019 Episode artwork 008 Dr. Michael Sanders, Part 2 of 3, Implant Case Selection, Surgical Implant Planning and StrategiesDecember 12, 2019 Episode artwork 007 Dr. Gary Glassman, “Enjoying my Journey to the Apex!”December 09, 2019 Episode artwork 006 Dr. Michael Sanders, Part 1 of 3, The Modern Implant Practice: Starting the Journey December 09, 2019 Episode artwork 005 Dr. Richard Mounce Dental Malpractice Claims and How to Avoid ThemDecember 05, 2019 Episode artwork 004 Dr. Howard Farran discusses AI and Current and Future Trends in the Dental Space December 04, 2019 Episode artwork 003 James Sagawa, DDS Cause Based TMD Diagnosis and Treatment Part 2 December 03, 2019 Episode artwork 002 James Sagawa, DDS Cause Based TMD Diagnosis and Treatment, Part 1November 26, 2019 Episode artwork