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The Dental Clinical Companion

Dental Clinical Companion

The Dental Clinical Companion: Bringing together the world’s leading clinicians and experts to optimize your treatment, educate, and inspire and energize your professional goals.

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080 Dr. Simon Chard: Millennial Dentistry: The Digital Revolution, Instagram and Pärla Toothpaste TabletsMay 25, 2020 Episode artwork 079 Dr. Bethany Rushworth: The Present and Future of DentistryMay 22, 2020 Episode artwork 041 Dr. Sergio Rosler: Influence of the Anatomy of the Root Canal System in the Clinical Decisions of the Endodontist.May 18, 2020 Episode artwork 085 Dr. Michael Sanders: Keeping you Safe at Eagle Summit Dental Group, Eagle River, AlaskaMay 14, 2020 Episode artwork 075 Dr. Aniko Ball: Part 2: Ergonomics & Wellness in DentistryMay 14, 2020 Episode artwork 081 Dr. Manrina Rhode: Catching up with a Smile Design Expert May 12, 2020 Episode artwork 049 Dr. Ricky Harrell: Orthodontics: Shaping the Future as a Residency Program DirectorMay 11, 2020 Episode artwork 078 Dr. Blake McKinley: COVID-19: Summary Brief Regarding PPE in the Dental Setting May 08, 2020 Episode artwork 036 Dr. Shea Bess: Adhesive Dentistry, Current Concepts, Clinical TechniquesMay 08, 2020 Episode artwork 043 Dr. Ronni Brown: A State of Decay, Understanding and Treating Meth Mouth. May 04, 2020 Episode artwork 074 Dr. Aniko Ball: Part 1: Ergonomics & Wellness in DentistryMay 01, 2020 Episode artwork 067 Van Carlson: Strategic Risk AlternativesApril 27, 2020 Episode artwork 073 Dr. Ken Wiltbank: One Oregonians Response to COVID-19April 24, 2020 Episode artwork 072 Dr. Ken Wiltbank: Working Effectively with Dental Insurance CarriersApril 22, 2020 Episode artwork 059 Dr. Tom McClammy: The GentleWave® Procedure, SonendoApril 21, 2020 Episode artwork 077 Dr. David Alpan: Advancing and Accelerating Orthodontics using AcceleDent®, MOPS, and Incognito® TechnologyApril 20, 2020 Episode artwork 069 Dr. Heather Sulte: An Alaskan Response to COVID-19April 19, 2020 Episode artwork 033 Dr. Travis Coulter: IV Mild to Moderate Sedation: Worthwhile in a General Practice?April 17, 2020 Episode artwork 071 Dr. Dave Logan: Executive Director of the Alaska Dental Society: Informing the Membership During COVID-19April 14, 2020 Episode artwork 070 Dr. Joel Fransen: Addressing COVID-19 Constructively: The Dental View from Canada April 14, 2020 Episode artwork 068 Dr. Shalin Shah: Orthodontics Today: Sharing perspectives on the patient experience, orthodontic evolution, education, and life philosophiesApril 12, 2020 Episode artwork 062 Lisa Moler: MedMark Media: More Than Print, More Than Digital: A Global Dental CommunityApril 09, 2020 Episode artwork 027 Dr. Ted Belfor, Craniofacial Development, Unilateral BiteBlock Technology®April 08, 2020 Episode artwork 032 Dr. Susan McMahon: A New Generation for Cosmetic Dentistry: Delivering the smile for the Selfie CultureApril 06, 2020 Episode artwork 057 Dr. Carlos Murgel (Endodontist): The Interview: Clinical and Private Practice Lessons LearnedApril 03, 2020 Episode artwork